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This blog is Lagdameo Lancer’s technology blog. We’ll tackle all about the latest gadgets today. But not just gadgets, we’ll be posting a lot of cool stuff here. I’m a certified tech freak and I love the write about the latest gadgets, concepts, and anything that is geeky. Be it a hardware or a software. I live in a third world country, but, that doesn’t keep me away from the latest technology news today.

I have a very very slow internet connection and it motivates me to work hard to get a better internet connection. I only eat once a day, but I keep a healthy living and lifestyle. I love to climb mountains, surf the web, watch Blu-ray movies, and just stroll around strange places in Southeast Asia.

I’m a degree holder in the Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology and I’ve been working as an SAP Consultant for Accenture since 2005.

I’m a big fan of all Apple and Samsung products, even if they are mortal enemies, I love both companies. I’m also a big fan of RIM’s BlackBerry because of its simple and damn powerful push e-mail feature. Nothing beats BlackBerry’s e-mail app!

I love to watch movies and I love 3D movies even if Rotten Tomatoes Critics say it sucks.

I’m a fake alien, because I dream to be an extra terrestial, but I always end up wearing a mask.

That’s sounds odd right? Anyway, you can contact me here in case you want to contact me. That’s all for now!