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Posted by on Dec 5, 2010 in Gaming Consoles, Headlines, Mobile Phones | 1 comment

I am Zeus: Sony Ericsson’s PSP Phone Caught on Video

I am Zeus: Sony Ericsson’s PSP Phone Caught on Video

The leaked photos of the much anticipated Sony Ericsson PSP phone, codename Zeus, is causing quite a buzz, making WikiLeaks headlines sound too weak. The leaked photos, courtesy of Engadget, circulated last October 26, 2010. While it is hard to make final conclusions about the pictures, experts are making their own guesses regarding the Phone’s features and specs.

Sony Ericsson had never officially acknowledge the presence of the Zeus phone but reputable sources, like The Wall Street Journal and Nikkei, has confirmed its existence early on with numerous Sony Ericsson executives dropping hints on the phone.

Speculations were further fueled when CEO Bert Nordberg answered “There’s a lot of smoke, and I tell you there must be a fire somewhere,” to the Wall Street Journal’s interview last November 21, 2010 regarding the possibility of a Play Station Phone. Nordberg, then, continued to dromp more hints saying “Sony has an extremely strong offering in the gaming market, and that’s very interesting.”

The photos released by Engadget seems to have finally put all doubts to rest. But the photos does not say much about the device and the debate on whether it will launch under the Playstation brand or the XPERIA brand remains.

Judging from photos Zeus will be running under the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) firmware. It sports a 3.7 to 4.1 inch glossy touch screen LCD and a 5.0 MP camera. Zeus is said to use a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The phone/gaming console also features a 512 MB RAM and 1 GB internal storage with additional support for microSD cards (not the traditional Memory Stick variants used in previous PSP consoles).

As for the hardware, Zeus is a horizontally sliding phone, resembling the Xperia X10, with the a slider below, resembling the slider of the PSP Go. A D-pad is located in the indented area on the left side of the slider and a set of standard PlayStation buttons is found in the indented area on the right. Zeus also features a long rectangular Touchpad in the middle, start and select buttons in an indented area on the bottom right corner, an option button on the bottom left corner as well as two shoulder buttons (L and R) on the back of the device.

Zeus is noticeably not carrying Timescape UI or Sony’s custom Android UI layer as seen on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA devices. It also got a new feature known as the PlayStation Phone Z-System. According to a trademark filed by Sony Ericsson, the Z-System is as described below-

“Software for use in developing, executing, and running or interacting with the same or other software on mobile phones; software for interacting or playing with electronic or video games; computer software development tools not for developing software for servers or computers; computer software for electronic or video game development”

According to reports, Zeus is said to feature games graphically within the range of a PlayStation Portable, fueling speculations that the device itself is based on the PlayStation Portable. The device will also get a dedicated area in the Android Market, specifically for games for the system allowing users to download games on the go.

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  1. I can’t find a keypad. I assume it’s a touch type?

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