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Posted by on Nov 22, 2010 in Vehicles | 2 comments

The Beast is here! M55’s first flagship electric bicycle

The Beast is here! M55’s first flagship electric bicycle

When I was a kid, I really dream to have my very own bicycle. Now I’m an adult, and I still dream to have a bicycle. But not just an ordinary bicycle. What I want now is “The Beast”.

Many “bikers” and “designers” out there said that M55’s The Beast is really ugly. For me, it’s not that great, but it’s not the ugly either. It’s satisfactorily designed and I rate it 8/10. I’m not an avid “bike design” fan, but I can say that this bike more awesome compared to other existing electric bikes out there.

Here’s a brief description of “The Beast” from their official website:

This is a hybrid bike with not only exceptional performance but great outlook as well. Our motor power and battery capacity is well over the industry standard and a truly futuristic look will sure attract some eyeballs around you.

The hybrid drive means that the motor is not a substitute to your human power but an addition – it lives with your ride: if the sensor feels that you need some extra torque, the motor switches on to multiply your effort.
With the Beast you can have a true „living tissue on an exoskeleton” experience.

It is designed for cross-country use. Although it may look like a downhill bike, it is not. The weight of the motor and battery pack require the burlier components which mean longer life-expectancy at the same time. It climbs like wonder and thanks to the supreme Fox suspension, you’ll wait for the descents! The stopping power is delivered by the famed brake company, Brembo. You could find them on Formula1 cars but not on bikes – untill now. It’s an M55 exclusive!

As you can see we used only the finest components to built the no-compromise hybrid bike

M55’s The Beast boasts a top speed of 40 miles per hour. The onboard polymer Li-ion battery allows the bicycle to go as far as 75 miles on a single charge! Wow! You can go far far away with this monster bike!

This bike weighs 33kg, which is quite heavy, but it’s acceptible because it’s an electric bike. It’s made with 7075 Aluminum, with Fox 36 160 Talas Fit RLC Fork, Brembo front and rear brakes, Syncros FR saddle, Syncros Meathook, Syncros Carbon Seat post, KMC X1 chain and Rohloff twist shifter.

For the full specifications of “The Beast”, click this link!

Check out the video below from the makers of “The Beast”.

Here are more images of the M55 Hybrid Electric Bike’s Beast!


  1. ‘the beast’… really?? this is an over-engineered, over-priced tribute to consumption. bikes are meant to be subtle, sleek, and clean-looking. i’m sorry but this will never be a top selling model.

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