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Posted by on Nov 19, 2010 in Gaming Consoles, Headlines, Wireless Devices | 0 comments

OnLive Launches Its Game System

OnLive Launches Its Game System

The popular gaming-by-order company, OnLive, launches its newest product, the $99 “microconsoles” Thursday. OnLive video game services is known to let users play titles-by-demand via the internet. Its emergence has created a new experience in playing, watching, and sharing of games.

OnLive, first release in June, uses “acloud-computing system” which basically store games on remote servers and is dispatched online by demand. With OnLive micro-consoles, with the size of about a deck of cards and wirelessly link to hand-held controllers, players no longer has to stay on their personal computers to play games.

Senior product manager Michael Miller offered a full demonstration of the system while explaining how it works at a major videogame conference back in June.”Plug into the Internet, plug into the TV and you are ready to play the hottest games. This is cloud gaming.”

OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman was quick to agree saying the micro-consoles biggest advantage is easy installation. “Beta testers have reported going from opening the box to playing a game in under 3 minutes. I kid you not. And after that first installation, from power-on to game start is as little as 15 seconds.” Perlman wrote in his blog post Thursday.

According to Perlman the OnLive Game System heralds the start of a new era for videogames and home entertainment, opening the door to a new world of options.

OnLive has uprgraded their initial 23 game titles, listed during the E3 gaming expo, to 35 titles, which includes popular titles such as “Assassin’s Creed II,”, “Aliens vs Preadotrs”, “Alpha Protocol”, “Batman: Arkham Asylum”, “Dark Void”, “F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin”, “Mass Effect 2”, and “Borderlands”. The games are available for purchase or rental at a fee of $3.99 to $8.99 (depending on how many days) and $50 for “full play” mode.

The MicroConsole, with dimension of 0.9 inches (22 mm) x 3.2 inches (81 mm) x 4.9 inches (124 mm), weighs 0.5 pounds (0.25 kg). The device offers a Broadband speed of 5 Mbps (large-screen TVs) 4 Mbps (mid size TVs), and 3Mbps (small screen TVs). OnLive MicroConsoles support HDMI, 1080p60, 3D HDTV1 video options and digital HDMI or Optical, surround sound stereo audio mode.

OnLive MicroConsole is powered by OnLive data centers, offering awesome quality and state-of-the-art specs” for high-definition televisions. The device has two USB ports, compatible with various gadgets and electronics. It can execute everything (Power-on-to-game playing) in a fast as 15 seconds and can work with up to 4 controllers at once. The console also has Bluetooth® voice chat feature.

According to the company the consoles are now available for pre-order at $99 and shipping starts in early December. Perlman also announced that OnLive will be offering a flat subscription rate for users to play all the games in its library.

In his blog post he claimed “This is a big day for OnLive. It’s the culmination of more than 8 years of hard work by many people, both at OnLive and at our partners, to realize a dream that so many people said was impossible.”

OnLive came after gaming companies move toward cloud computing instead of the traditional hard copies of individual games.

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