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Posted by on Nov 14, 2010 in Headlines, Television | 0 comments

Boxee Box: Google TV’s big rival is now available!

Boxee Box: Google TV’s big rival is now available!

Boxee has announced the shipping of its highly anticipated Boxee Box at a launch party in Manhattan last November 10. The release comes with the updated version of the user interface, some added new features, and a promise of a tie up with Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Boxee Box, a video streaming device that has access to online sources and compatibility with numerous codecs, is now available in 33 countries at $199, making it cheaper than its rival Google TV but more expensive than Apple TV.

The set top box, supported by the same Atom-base platform hardware that runs Google TV, can also access video content from both online sources and network websites, including those specifically built for a TV interface.

Similar to Roku’s “channels” system, Boxee box has an expandable content feature through the help of app plug-in architecture. The device can also read content from storage drives or local networks.

During the launch party, Boxee’s Andrew Knippen confirmed that the company will partner with online content provider Netflix by the end of the year, and Hulu plus in the near future. He also mentioned premium subscription apps such as Vudu’s pay-per-view movie service, MUBI, OpenFilm, IndieMoviesOnline, EZTakes, MLB TV, NHL GameCenter, Flickr, and Pandora are on the

Knippen also gave the media a run down of the Boxee Box’s release details :

The slick device will be available with a new and simplified user interface rolling the menus into six main icons.

The revamped version will support Vevo (music videos), VBS.TV (the video offshoot of Vice Magazine), and Accuweather. It also features the “codec” ability which means even the most obscure files can be opened.

The Boxee Box, a Linux-based media extender, comes with a full WebKit browser, supporting HTML 5.

The product is viewable at full 1080p.

The Boxee Box by D-Link is a set top device made to bring viewing experience to a different level by integrating internet television and other video content to Television viewing. Through Boxee’s media center software and Intel CE4110 system hardware, Boxee Box, people can now watch stuffs that are normally exclusive to internet TV.

The device comes with a 1GB of RAM memory, and 1GB of NAND Flash Memory. It has a DM-380 features output ports for HDMI (version 1.3), optical digital audio (S/PDIF) connector, and RCA connector for analog stereo audio, two USB ports, an SD card slot, wired 100Mbps (100BASE-T) ethernet, and built-in 802.11n WiFi.

The all in one box includes a small two-sided RF remote control with 4-way D-pad navigation and full a QWERTY keypad.

Google recently made an attempt to shore up support for its Google TV platform, which has found itself in a struggle as major networks have moved to block Google TV devices from accessing their Web-based content.

As yet, networks haven’t attempted to do so with Boxee. But the Boxee Box is just now beginning to make its way into consumers’ AV cabinets, so it could become an issue later.



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