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Posted by on Jul 9, 2010 in Mobile Phones | 20 comments

White Blackberry Bold 9700 BIS Activation Problem

White Blackberry Bold 9700 BIS Activation Problem

I recently bought a White Blackberry Bold 9700 but I was disappointed. Why? Because I activated my Blackberry Internet Service and I received a confirmation SMS that me BIS is already active. But even if it’s active, I still can’t use the Internet Service by Blackberry.

I can’t use my BBM, I can’t use the Apps, I can’t send and receive e-mails, I can’t do a thing. It’s like not having a Blackberry at all because it’s pretty useless with the BIS.

I tried to activate my phone’s BIS via Globe Telecom by sending a BB ON 1200 to 8888. I received the confirmation message that the BIS is active, but after patiently waiting for almost 24 hours, my BIS is still not active. I tried to run the mobile network diagnostics and found out that his BIS is really not active.

I called Globe and asked for support, but to no avail. Globe suggested to change the unit to a Black Blackberry Bold 9700, because White Blackberry Bold 9700 has instances of being “cloned” or “locked”. They told me me that they also encountered the same problem with other subscribers who bought a White Blackberry Bold 9700. They also don’t offer it in their Prepaid and Postpaid plans. The only available white Blackberry as of now is the Blackberry Curve 8520.

I didn’t believe what Globe told me, so I switched to Smart. I bought a Smart Sim Card, sent BB MONTH to 2207, and waited for the confirmation message. I received the confirmation message that my BIS is already active, but the same problem occurred.

After patiently waiting for more than 24 hours, the BIS is still not active. Smart Communications called me and informed him that the problem is not with their network, but with the unit. Smart suggested to return the unit to the seller and change it to another unit, preferably the black Bold 9700, because they have problems with the white one, just like Globe.

So if you’re like me who bought a White Blackberry Bold 9700, you may have encountered this problem. All you need to do is return your unit and get a black one, until this issue resolved.

Bold 9700 white is cool, but it’s pretty useless if you can’t activate your BIS. If you want a white one, just buy a black one and replace it with a white 9700 housing. But there’s no original white housing, so you need to carry the burden by accepting the fact that your Blackberry is not all original.

The original white Blackberry does not work here in the Philippines and maybe in other countries as of the moment. I hope by the end of this year we can activate the BIS of original white Blackberry Bold 9700 handsets here in the Philippines


  1. I just brought mine and my phone is working, but Im on contract here in Australia with Vodafone so all I had to do was put my sim card into the new phone an BIS was activated in about 30mins maybe less.

    Sorry to here about your guys having problems there in phils. I really love this mobile, I use to have a BB Storm 9500.

  2. I’m using an unlocked white 9700 from tmobile for 2 months now. and never had any problems with globe BIS. Did you register your unit to website? Never trust globe tech support ‘coz they don’t have any idea with what they’re saying.

  3. i own a black blackberry and im using smart sim i also encountered the same problem. anybody here know what to do?

  4. hanggang ngayon ba mahirap/ayaw parin maactivate ang BIS ng BB 9700 white??

  5. @ER Rosales – yep ur right. Globe’s tech support is not well-oriented about Blackberry Internet Service and anything related to Blackberry. They should hire a Blackberry specialist to handle their support group. O__O

    Good thing for you your White BB9700 works fine. :)

  6. One can’t deny the awesomeness of Blackberry, though I heard that BB nao has a new OS called BB OS6, according to some twits it looks Android-ish.

  7. Hi! So sorry to hear that your white BB is not working. I hope it is now. I had mine since May and has been working fine. I love, love my white! :)

  8. I’ve had 3 white 9700 and they’ve all been faulty from t mobile in the uk

  9. Hi! Been using my blackberry 9700 white for 2 months now. I tried to register sa globe pero ayaw tlg, at ayaw nila i-configure. Hndi ko to bnili sa globe kc wla silang available na white, so I bought it from different store. Pls help me! I love my bb pero bitin :(

  10. I tried to register my account sa Globe, pero sabi “BIS is suspended or deactivated” pls help :(

  11. @cherry – may diperensya talaga yung first batch ng bb white 9700.. pero yung mga bagong labas na white ngayon, ok naman sa Globe and Smart BIS… 😀 Yung unang labas lang. :) Kaya change u nalang BB mo sa black BB or buy a new white BB 9700 😀

  12. I have a bb9700. second hand but looks new. worried about bis. i just typed bb on 50 8888 and worked perfectly fine. You chat with a globe tech and they will reset the service for you. they were pretty fast doing it. they called me the following day just to confirm if everything is working. and i am loving it. best phone so far. better than iphone in terms of organizing. just having problems with the email. mejo late dumating or hindi talaga. parang useless ata ang email na ito.

  13. my bb9700 black bought brnadnew in greenhills
    not working ang bis sa globe
    tried twice already

  14. @cmg – maybe it’s locked for US BIS only?

  15. @chippy – mabilis ang e-mail ng blackberry. Are you using Gmail? or Yahoo? Kasi sa akin super bilis. hehe

  16. @Angel – yung mga bagong labas ng BB 9700 white, wala na daw problem. Yung first batch lang na pumasok sa phils ang may prob.

  17. im also having the same problem with my bb9700. i love it because its white but globe cant activate my bis. it just ate m,y load. darn. :c can you please help me. sayaaaang ung pagkakaron ng bb eh. :c

  18. @khay – replace it while you still can. I think it’s locked sa US mobile networks. I encountered it before, then the only way to make it work is to replace it. Binalik ko sa seller, at pumayag naman. :)

  19. I just uncovered your blog on Ask Jeeves, a definitely good examine.

  20. My bought my bb in thailand, (waay much cheaper there) any way i didnt have any problems using it. BIS working, email is way fast, multi tasking is incredible but I have this problem side rubber buttons and leather was stained in pink kasi naman i used ung free back cover na binigay ng friend ko and my bb is white pa naman help how to clean this :(


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