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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Apps, Concepts, Gadgets, Mobile, Mobile Phones | 0 comments

Pre-order your iPhone 5 now and rock your world!

Pre-order your iPhone 5 now and rock your world!

After the announcement of the much anticipated iPhone 5, every Apple fan in the world wants to get rid of their iPhone 4S and own the brand new iPhone 5. With its more sophisticated specifications and better screen display, this iPhone is definitely a must have.

The iPhone5 stars at $199.00, you can pre-order it at The iPhone5 is the biggest thing that happened on iPhone since the first release of the iPhone. It’s now thinner and lighter, but faster and more powerful that ever before. It has a 4-inch retina display, but it’s not bigger, it’s just perfect. It has this so called A6 chip, that powers that entire iPhone5 amazingly.

It’s powered by iOS 6, claimed as the most powerful and advanced mobile operating system by Apple. Of course, they will claim it as most powerful, even if Android is obviously better (Hahahaha! Yes, yes guys, I’m an Android fan).

Anyway, I think that iPhone5 is sexy and it even beats the pre-order sales of the iPhone 4S. Will this new iPhone change the world? I say definitely.

Right now, iPhone 4S sells like pancakes. Companies dropped down their prices to get rid off the iPhone 4. iPhone 5 will be officially available in the mobile phone market soon and this will surely rock the smartphone world!

Anyway, Galaxy S4 will also be released in a few weeks, so it will rock the world as well. Hahahaha!

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