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Posted by on Nov 27, 2008 in Mobile Phones | 42 comments

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in the Philippines!

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in the Philippines!

If you’re from the Philippines and a die-hard-Nokia fan, I bet you’re praying for the release of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic here in the Philippines. I just heard from my friends that Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was now released in some parts of Asia, specially Singapore and Hong Kong. I’m not really sure about these gossips, but I’m pretty sure it will be released here as late as January 2009 or as early as December 2008.

As we all know, this phone is Nokia’s first iPhone-like phone. It boasts a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, a whooping 8 Gigabytes of storage, and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

Price? As usual, it will be higher compared to the international SRP of $200.00. If you’ll ask me, I assume it will be around PHP40,000 or… I’m really not sure, maybe… just maybe, it will be more than that! Do the math yourself, compare it to other overpriced gadgets here in the Philippines. Same with iPhone 3G that starts at roughly 42,000 Pesos, while the declared SRP in Apple’s website was only $199.00. Now that’s overpricing eh?

Btw, you can pre-order your 5800 Now and get these benefits. The phone will be released by early January 2008 here in the Philippines! A big HURRAY to all touchscreen phone lovers! Yay!

UPDATE: From Nikka Abes of Nokia Philippines through The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone is selling at a pre-order price of P20,000.00. Thanks to boybawang for the heads up.

UPDATE 01/09/09: The final price for Nokia 5800 is P19,990 and this phone will be officially available tomorrow! January 10, 2009 at the Nokia Store, B3 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City. One pre-ordered registration form equals one device.

The first 58 in line will bring home a Sennheiser HD-205 headset and two VIP passes to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Hed Kandi Playlist Party on January 23, 2009 at A.Venue Hall, Makati Avenue, Makati City. This prize has a total value of Php 4,999! The next 100 in line will get a general access pass each to the same event , valued at Php 800.

To claim, bring a printed copy of the email that was sent to you by Nokia or the SMS that you’ve received from Nokia XpressMusic together with two valid IDs.

The Nokia store will be open for redemption from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

So what are you waiting for Nokia fanatics? Grab your Nokia 5800 now!


  1. I was able to try out this phone during its regional launch at Singapore (videos and commentary here). My sources tell me next year pa talaga to; it all depends on when the NTC will approve it for an official release.

  2. @Rico – thanks for such information… oo nga exciting, kay tagal e release… mauuna pa cguro N97 ^_^

  3. Your price analysis is wrong amigo.
    The $199 iPhone 3g comes in plan and with an estimated P40k for unlocked version.
    Now 5800XM is already selling about $350 in Chicago and NewYork and that’s very cheap knowing mobile phones are usually more expensive in U.S.

  4. @boybawang – thanks for the comment boybawang 😀 Let’s see this January how much 5800XM will cost here in the Philippines. :)

  5. @boybawang – whoa that’s cheap! thanks boybawang for that great news :)

  6. At, some guys are already selling 5800XM from 21,000+ to 23,000+ price range :)

  7. whoa that’s overpricing 😀 di na sulit ang wahehehe

  8. Its selling around 1500 AED here in Dubai, that’s approximately 18t to 20t pesos…..

  9. it only cost 1409AED in dubai the cheepest. kaso wait nyo nalang pagdating sa pinas dahil sa tax & add on price ng mga retailers, malamang mas mahal dyan. hopefully around 20k cguro. nice phone, great features, lahat magagamit mo.

  10. I actually saw Carrefour (huge supermarket chain in the UAE) selling it for ONLY a bit over 1,300AED! Woo! UNFAIR! I bought mine in December last year for 1500AED!!! [Anybody interested in buying a second-hand unit? ;p] From a consumer’s point of view, this mobile rocks! AWESOME features! The best part I love about it is the expandable memory..beat that, Apple! If you guys can get a hold of it in Manila, do so! I was home for Christmas and I swear people were drooling over my phone! Top pogi-points all the way!

  11. i would like to ask..

    are all 5800 in the Philippines is made in china??? if not,, where can i buy made in hungary???

    pls respond!!!!!!!


  12. jhez, i got a nokia 5800’s sold at 17,890php in Cagayan De Oro Graphics Phone Center.. Maganda naman kaso i’m still looking for applications… :)

  13. @lady – wow great! ako parang ayaw ko na bumili nung nakita ko, at ang bilis nya mag mura, hintayin ko nalang cguro N97 sa pinas.. hehehe

    @tin – yep… Made in Hungary? I’m not sure if there’s a 5800 that was made in hungary.. try ebay 😀

  14. hehhe.maganda naman siya..worth it sa presyo.. i like the n97 too. But grabeh new phones ngayon..dami magaganda..i wanna buy all…pera lang wala ako..heheheh

  15. mahal 6555 lan f0n qu..hakhak..gx2 kua qu 5800XM..XD

  16. hi.. i just lost my phone yesterday and im looking for a new one. i liked nokia5800 but still looking for the best nokia phone within my budget. so far nokia 5800 is as far as i can get. hopefull it’s price is down to 15k now!!! i’m around muntinlupa area. can anyone find me a store with nokia 5800 at 15k or below? thanks!!

  17. @calculator_ruiz – have u tried ebay? there are a lot of good bargains there! :)

  18. uhm..Can I know the final price of this phone today??Is it really true that the nokia 5800 Xpress music is now down at 15,000??I don’t really know because I had no chance too see it in any nokia stores here in the Philippines.Pls tell me na lang kung true tlga ksi I’m planning to buy mine next month.:)

  19. grbe.! ang mhal. damn. syang. favorite co na ean. ;(( sna meron na nean sten sa laguna. xD

  20. mgkano na cia ngayon.??

  21. @ruth abian – it’s around 11k to 13k nalang ngayon. Check for the lowest price 😀

  22. baket nung chineck co po sa mall 18K daw e. bka meron ln mas mura..(:

  23. @ruth abian – january 2009 price pa po yung 19k. Nasa 11k nalang yan ngayon on eBay. By next month nasa 9k or 8k nalang yan. :)

  24. magkano na lang ngayon ang 5800xm? at saan makakabili nito, im from taguig city.. plano ko kasing bumili nito..

    another q:

    hindi ba madaling masira ung screen nito.. kasi kapag nasira to pano na lang to magagamit e walang keypad..?

  25. @chrisnoel11 – sa SM around 13k pa. Sa ebay nasa 7k to 9k. :)

  26. @admin- ang laki ng patong sa sm.. d ko kasi alam ang kalakaran sa ebay kaya siguro sa iba na lang ako mag-cacanvass ng mas mura.. salamat sa info..

  27. @chrisnoel – oo malaki talaga. Mga sony digital camera nga eh x2 ang SM at mga stores sa loob ng SM. Oo, ingat ka din sa ebay kasi maraming scam. Pero pag matagal ka nang buyer sa ebay, alam mo na yung scam or hindi scam. :)

  28. @admin_nagcanvass na ko sa SM kaya 15k pa rin.. san ba ko makakabili nun na worth 11k lang.. suggest ka naman.. habang tumatagal mas ginugusto ko ung 5800.. kailangan meron na ko nun next week.. hahaha.. tnx.. ung original a, may nakita kasi ako sa sulit na mga clone nun.. baka kasi mauto na naman ako at mapabili ng peke.. tnx.. :-)

  29. @chrisnoel11 – try ebay. Para maka mura ka. ha. Dapat power sellers lang bilhan mo para sigurado

  30. @admin_ d naman nagkakalayo ung presyo, its almost 14k.. papababain ko na lang siguro ung presyo til 11k bago ko bilhin.. hehehe.. tnx 4 d info.. :-)

  31. sa atc po nokia, 17 pesos something.. 😀

  32. hello from italy..gwain q n tlgang mgcanvas ng cp d2 at jn s pinas..super blis nmn bumaba price ng cp jn smantalang d2 antgal lalo nat nahu2li pgre2lease ng mga bgong unit d2..mgkano n po tlga 5800 jn pinas?at iphone 3g?pls reply po naka2alm.slmat!

  33. @shebs – iphone 3G around 25k, 5800 around 11k

  34. saan pa po maka2bli ng iphone 3g 8gb maliban s globe?kc sbi skin s globe lng dw me ngbebenta ng iphone tz plan pa..kamura n ng 5800 jn smantalang d2 275euro pa po mga 18k jn..

  35. How much yung latest price ng 5800 po?thx..

  36. Thanks for that impressive blog page publish! I very enjoyed reading it, you’re a impressive author. I in reality added your web site to my favorites and will appear back in the futureto your blog site. Retain up the exceptional career, I hope you will have a remarkable day!

  37. @admin and everyone_ hello po, just wanna ask if how much is the latest price of 5800? and is it still nice to use that unit even if its been already released years ago? thank u very much, your oppinions will be a big help for me to decide..

  38. We’ve discovered my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic cell to become the best all round I have owned. Just wish it had a slide out qwerty keyboard! Anyway, it doesn’t so sufficient is adequate. A good deal of individuals whine about the digital camera, it does suck, but it is not that important to me-I possess a wonderful Canon SD950 camera if I want pics. I’m actually please with how customizable it truly is and every one of the points I can perform with it. Wants charging nearly day-to-day when utilized a fair bit. Pondering about debranding it. Rogers (Canada) keeps things quite locked down along with the greatest fw I have been ready to upgrade to is v30 (something like that cannot recall the exact quantity at the moment). Sounds like v40 has some fine features I’m missing out on.Nicely, glad I discovered this forum, I hope to understand a bunch far more about what I can perform with my telephone.

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