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Posted by on Jul 2, 2012 in Touch Devices | 0 comments

Wine Selecting Kiosks a Hit in Supermarket

Wine Selecting Kiosks a Hit in Supermarket

A big year ahead for touch screen kiosks in a lot of different industries, the wine vending kiosk in Pennsylvania seemed to fail miserably but fear not, that wasn’t and certainly isn’t the end for kiosks when it comes to wine.

A company have developed wine kiosks for thee of the big four supermarket chains in the UK. The kiosks use a custom interface which helps the customer to find a suitable product with a search functionality. They assist the retailer by diversifying and increasing the sales volume in store and in some cases it has been reported an increase of up to 40 times the normal output.

The company that have developed these have already deployed 750 units in Europe and there are several being tested in the United States. The amount of orders this company are expecting is a big amount which is why they are setting up a New York office so that they can deal with the potential orders coming from the US.

The kiosks allow customers to search for the wines they want by a number of different means, from price, country and origin to taste and even grape type or award winning wines.

There are a number of different companies out there who also offer touch screen kiosks for a number of different uses; like Protouch.

Protouch are based in Surrey and they have worked with name companies like IKEA and Matalan so you needn’t worry about the quality of service you will get from them.

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