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Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Tablets | 0 comments

Why is not owned by Apple?

Why is not owned by Apple?

If you’re keen enough, you’ll definitely notice that all domains related to Apple products are owned by Apple. Such us,,,, etc.. But why oh why they didn’t acquire even if iPad was released last April 2010, and that was 2 years ago. was registered by Enero 6 Corp. 15 years ago. It was registered last April 21, 1997. Until now, they are still the owners of the said domain. If you visit the web page, it has nothing but a “Coming Soon” parked page.

We really don’t know what’s the main reason why a multi-billion dollar company didn’t acquire This revolutionary product should have a domain of itself, just like the rest of the Apple products. One reason that we can think of is that Enero 6 Corp. is overpricing the domain. Maybe it’s beyond Apple, Inc.’s domain budget. Or perhaps, they just don’t wanna sell their process online .COM.

They are no further announcements about it or news about acquiring this precious piece of the Apple puzzle.

This blog post should be under domains, but we don’t have this category at Gizmosync, so I’m filing this one under Tablets.

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