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Posted by on Jul 14, 2011 in Music Players | 0 comments

Singbox Music Player: The Bullet that Makes Sweet Music

Singbox Music Player: The Bullet that Makes Sweet Music

Bullets can kill, sure. But with music players shaped like bullets, no one can charge you for a crime of murder save for the crime of possible gadget overuse. Meet Singbox SV-606, the music player that doubles as an mp3 player and speaker. And that’s just about one of the most rainbow-colored shells I have seen of late:

Now, that’s a cylindrical shell that will take away your shooting fears, especially when it will only be known for shooting sound waves that are of the harmless and good kind. Puny but cute, the 138 gram music gadget does its job fairly well considering its size. It does not really fare too awfully compared to its more colossal counterparts in the music player category.

Oh, and it does not just support mp3 format. It is as flexible as it is sleek and savvy. It can also play WMA, APE, and other common music file extensions that you may have there. Since it is quite accommodating of the various types of music files, it gives you a lot of excuse to get hooked on the bullet. All 3 inches in height, it still has the capacity to support a micro-SD.

Should you get tired of your own tunes, you will still have the time of your life with this music player because it is also equipped with the FM tuner that will help you get the latest and the recent in the radio scene. The battery life is also pretty mighty at 13 hours, something which you find commendable considering how minuscule this item is.

So small it is that even though it is made of aluminum, you may do well to maximize the case that is provided upon purchase. You may also find it very tempting to collect all colors, since having just a lone bullet player in tow is not that visually appealing. But despite the multiple purchase, you may not have the option of synchronizing both bullet speakers to play the same song at the same time. This is something that the developers may do well to look into. But at the moment and for a single user, this may already suffice since if you are really after group sharing for music, you will buy something else that you can install on your home theater system. This is more for the on the go music lovers who just want some good sound.

Well, it sounds like a dream for most of us, but like many things in the gadget world, there is always a catch, no matter how sweet the make. For one, you will find it only in Korean or Japanese language at the moment since it is not yet available in the predominantly English-speaking locations.¬†And one more thing: it’s too small to have that boom quality you will find in other bass-filled speakers. So you will be most compelled to use your trusty headphones to be able to make the most out of the mono sound quality. The sound will still be decent, however, so there is really no reason for worries.

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