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Posted by on Apr 15, 2011 in Mobile Phones | 1 comment

Samsung Galaxy S 4G: Yet another awesome Galaxy phone

Samsung Galaxy S 4G: Yet another awesome Galaxy phone

The Galaxy S 4G is yet another awesome phone that comes with awesome features because it’s powered by an awesome OS. This phone was announced last January 2011 during the CES 2011 and was released a month after.

Same with the older version that is not 4G, this phone has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S, then you know all the features of this phone. The specifications are exactly the same with the older version, the only difference is that it’s 4G and that’s it!

Still, it’s the best Android phone and the price is consumer-friendly.

If you want to own a 4G Android phone, then Samsung Galaxy S 4G is the perfect phone for you!

T-mobile is the first and only carrier as of now to release Samsung Galaxy S 4G. T-Mobile bundled the film Inception, preloaded onto a microSD card, with this version of the phone.

1 Comment

  1. Is this really a 4G capable or its just the name?

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