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Posted by on Jan 8, 2011 in Tablets | 21 comments

Motorola Xoom price and release date is much anticipated

Motorola Xoom price and release date is much anticipated

I already posted about Motorola Xoom in my blog and showed some videos before and after Motorola Xoom was unveiled at CES 2011. The official price is not yet announced, but I estimate that it will be more or less than $1,000.00 USD. The specs of this device and it’s pure awesomeness is not cheap.

After it was unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it’s now the most anticipated gadget by a lot of Motofans and Android tablet enthusiasts.

The release date is not yet announced, but it will be released by Verizon anytime by first quarter of 2011.

As we all know, it’s the first Honeycomb tablet (aka Android 3.0 tablet) and it’s the fastest tablet to date with a sweet Dual-Core processor boasting a 2.0 GHz of total processing power, 2.0 MP front facing camera, 5.0 MP rear camera which records in 720P HD videos, and a built-in accelerometer.

It has so many mouth-watering features which you can see in the video below:

Here are some more images of Motorola Xoom:

The Motorola Xoom Android tablet will be released as a 3G and Wi-Fi-enabled device in the first quarter of 2011 with an upgrade to 4G LTE on the 2nd quarter of this year. Motorola Xoom will be the a 4G LTE and Wi-Fi- enabled Android tablet starting the second quarter of this year! Hurrah!

To receive the latest updates about Motorola Xoom, visit this web page, or just follow Verizon Wireless on Twitter.


  1. Really!? More than $1,000.00? Common… if it was this price, then no one would buy it!! Maybe, a better estimate would be more than $700.00, because the iPad is selling for $800 for a 64GB with 3G, the Xoom only has 32GB, despite the fact that it may have some more things then the iPad, I’m sure that Motorola wont top the price of the iPad.

  2. I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole for $1000. A price like that will result in a niche market, and hugely disappointing sales for Motorola. A price of $599 would make it an attractive option, and would open sales up to a much larger group of potential buyers.

  3. It would be nice to think it will be competitively priced with the i-Pad, but with the Honeycomb OS and a Dual-Core Processor, 10″ screen and all of the other features, it seems reasonable to expect it will be price at least a LITTLE higher than the i-Pad.

  4. “The official price is not yet announced, but I estimate that it will be more or less than $1,000.00 USD.” Gee, that’s a safe statement. Can you tell us what you really think.

  5. Bogus that it won’t come in a Wi-Fi only version. Who needs another expensive plan with Verizon…….

  6. I would not pay more than 400 for it myself. What is it we can do on these tablets other than play/ record/email. Until we get a viable notetaker all of these tablets are doorstops.

    I already have hd video on my phone.

    Written on archos 101.

  7. “more or less than $1000″…..what other choices are there…except $1000.???

  8. I very much agree with Mark. To have a price like iPad would defeat the aim of Google. Consider the goal of making a profit, which is what business is all about after all, not having a reasonable price will certainly not advance that goal.

  9. I have the iPad now but I like the new features but for $1,0000 I will keep the iPad it’s not worth it…!!!!

  10. Hello !!!! If Motorola is as half as savvy as they seem? They will price this at about $399-$599 to humiliate the I-pad and galaxy tab . and its buyers .Think about ? They are out to not only compete but destroy Apples ability to compete with them in tech and price. It would make sense to price it this way or the sales for the Xoom will be dismal and poor in comparative to the others who are out a head of them.Not to mention Mark you are right if they price it that high only the rich in this economy could afford this new piece of techno marvel toy .Price lower it will sell like wild fire .I am awaiting it as well, but will walk away if it is as I would say “Out price them selves in this market” to price it that high would be a mistake and worth waiting a year or 6 mths until they see they have made an error in price . launch will be Feb 6th during the super bowl ads but pre-orders will be with in a week before or after my sources are still fuzzy about it “Not aloud to talk” I will receive a call the day pre-orders start. My order will depend on price as well .

  11. Price > iPad = Fail
    Whether true or not, for the foreseeable future people will think iPad=Best and judge the rest on price. If Motorola are smart they will sell it at (or below) cost price just to gain market share.

  12. Bloom Berg has sited that it has info on a less than $500 price tag as well and thats the stock market after the split of Motorola company into 2 different entities ? Their stock jumped based on that info . So pay attention speculators …

  13. Update as cheesy as this sounds … Feb.14th is the expected sales date so Feb.6th launch super bowl ads will start the Hype and interest besides us tech heads . But pre-orders will ensue and those who do will get theirs the day of sales start . Hot damn ! thats all I have for now . Will update after I get a price conformation and Hard drive sizes 3 will be offered with Sd slots option for 2 . Take that Apple

  14. $1000! You’ve got to be joking. I agree with robby (6) I wouldn’t pay more that $400, tops. Looks like I’ll be looking at other tabs.

  15. I agree 1000 is way too much however you get what you pay for. if motorola believes they have a better quality product why sell it for a cheaper price. once it gets on the market the quality will drive the sales. if the product is a good product then people will buy it. dont drop the price to under an inferior product’s price. they need to get the best bang for their buck. place the price as high as consumers are willing to pay for a product that is considered to be top of the line. just like when the iphone came out it was the highest priced smart phone, but people still bought it, why? because they believe it was a superior product, if you make a superior product you can charge a higher price, but still within reason.

  16. For 1000.00 I will getting 2 Notion Ink Adams and still have some change and they are 3G with no contrac…=)

  17. For 1000.00 I can get 2 notion ink adam and not only they are 3G but no contrac needed..=)

  18. I liked this, but for 1000.00 I like the ipad better.

  19. WOW, a grand for another computer for my collection? Don’t think so in my case. I can see 600-800. Over that I will get something else… It is cool, but, but work 1000.00 to me

  20. The thing is that Motorola is not a foolish company and just because they put a wild price in the U.K. or at least is what sources say I disagree because if you look at the smart-phone Market it is becoming more and more dominated by the Motorola Droid Series they are in the market for taking apple’s ideas and make them functional and useful in the modern world. The iPhone is quickly losing its top status because of At&T maybe with the integration of Verizon this will pick back up, but it is unlikely if Motorola crushes it by putting both its tablet and new smartphone at the lowest prices because we are definitely in a price driven market. Although Apple will not go quietly into the night!


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